Work from home phenom, is it a thing?

Tim Colby
2 min readJun 15, 2021

This story is really a response to Medium writer Chris Herd’s story but didn’t know if his story or my response would ever get seen anyway, so here’s the link. Or cross-pollination attempt, which is also used in interesting ways to spread writer’s pollen across Medium.

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“Several of the $Trillion-Dollar tech giants will be disrupted by remote work”.

Okay then, mega-tech giants like Apple may have to follow the lead of previous financial industries like banks, insurance cos, medical providers and get into the side hustle real estate business to keep a revenue flow going at their home offices. I can see it now ‘The Spaceship Mega-Food Court’ by Apple Ⓣ.

Exclusive indoor/outdoor java junctions (7) where you rent the latest award-winning Apple laptops, super tablets, more mobile devices (all with 5G!) with your cup-o-super-jo.

Extremely exclusive hipster boutique clubs(3*): No neutral shirts, no genuine signature sandals, no hipster hair (includes MAN bun), no real artisan scarf (an artisanally crocheted hat also acceptable), no ability to instant quote Haiku, then NO SERVICE! *Themed: East Coast, West Coast, and Euro Chic.

Exclusive Coldstone creamery. Serving the younger rich and the walking dead (retired breathing boomers)[leave your iMac at home] mobile hookups available, metered wifi for non-subscribers.

The Apple Logo Store. Bask in our showroom of thousands of tastefully created Artisan Apple Logos Ⓣ with rotating artists’ visits on site. See the uniquely created Apple Glow In The Dark GOLD logo on display.

Hundred more upscale stores for the sophisticated one-offs roaming the planet are opening soon. Here at Apple’s Ⓣ newly expanded Spaceship Mega-Food Court, we are so excited! to welcome you to this new shopping experience.

(3.5% cashback points on any purchase with apple pay at this mall)

It’s really not a mall but a corral of love. 🍏💚

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Another idea for the coming disruptive home working destination is much like the guy who sold shovels to gold rush miners.

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Join our Indie entrepreneur team where you can be a go-to at-home cubicle makeover designer specialist consultant associate. That’s right! you can turn any useless room into a home cubicle workspace, and much cheaper than you might expect, with our patented cookie-cutter cubie design software, you literally have 100s of personalized styles to choose from for your growing list of work-at-home clients. Don’t wait to get on our waiting list of junior entrepreneurs, call us now at 555–555–5555 @Cubes-R-Us for the exciting details.

Sell 1,000 cubicle packages and be the first to win a gold Tesla!



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