This stuff is just the greatest comedy. It’s like corporate America tries to communicate with people.


Yes, the past year or so, pandemic or not, everytime when visiting my clinic for whatever, I’d get the same spray of strange questions. Waiting in the front desk queue line, finally I get questions like:

Have you traveled to Saudi Arabia in the past year?

(Whaaaat? I’m thinking lots of white linens and head covers. So, of course not, What, do my tan lines look strange?, and why Saudi Arabia, why not Luxembourg?). No.

Have you experienced headaches, stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea, or any other body aches in the past 24 hours?

(Surprisingly they left out death. I guess it’s harder to get money out of dead people). No.

Are you here at the request of Medicare?

(How the fuck should I know? Wait, let me check my phone log.) No.


It’s like we suddenly are thrust into some form of a Corporate Jeopardy game. Why must we take a redundant quiz every time we go to the clinic, especially if we have an appointment for a specific purpose? Just tiring, worse than a line queue at Disney world.


Grad: Whats-a-mata-U, Mayor: Foggybog, Wi., Awards: Medium response run-on-sentence-king, Medium response all-over-the-place trophy

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