The other day I did some serious googling looking for a hamster racing on its wheel with a nurse cap for one of your recent stories, I couldn't find the exact pic, dang, though there were plenty of hamsters with nurse caps. Thanks, since you are retired you have some ponder time and that image was already in your mind.

Good on you're financial assessments. Makes one wonder, we retired folks hear so much reporting of the necessity of first-line workers or the necessary people during this ongoing C-19 debacle. It's a bit much, then noting what you pay for transport/parking to and from work, well, how much do we really care about all the reverence for active necessary front line workforces? Makes me think that rampant capitalism, or the 'buy more' syndrome ethic is always being pushed, absolutely.

So much to yap about here, but got to go, more Medium awaits.

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