Thank you and your colleagues for sticking it out in this most necessary profession!

Recently I did a 2-week stint in a hospital out west then flew back to the midwest for extended outpatient treatments ongoing. The nurses are a front line in the trenches part of our medical reality as it exists. I found this out in the past month or so. Nurse knowledge keeps patients alive. Not kidding, even though they let me get better at hoarding those banana boat pee buckets so I wouldn’t mess myself in the middle of the night. If I did there were nurses and aids there to change my linens quickly. Even queued me in on how to get a little more out of the hospital menus when tied to one of those beds that when you get up, an alarm will go off at the nurse's station.

Even when back in the Midwest, again, it was the smart nurses who helped me out the most, those that have been around the medical block for years, smoothing out how to be a patient in recovery. Thanks to all nurses outpatient or in house.

— — — — — — — — — — — —

But, I can’t resist going off on another tangent of another group of workers certainly not/now as important to state and Fed legislatures around the country. They are the teacher workers that have apparently become the whipping people of state legislatures everywhere. Underfunded, deliberately not funded, and blamed for almost anything. While taking care of groups of youngsters young and older day in and day out, strapped with overpaid administrations addicted to Teflon corporate-speak, and universally blamed for anything parents can dream up. No wonder this country is strapped with a horde of over-privileged politicians many of which are on the take securing their own well being on the citizen's dime. With the caliber of national leadership obviously many politicians never did any homework.

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