This USA nation does have it’s share of double wides waddling about and I don’t think switching to those ‘Ultimate Burgers’ is going to fix much of anything.

Still, the point where double wides or even apparent pictures of health among us all use a kind of classic ‘don’t tread on me’ for justification for habitual behaviors that have been shown scientifically as problem sources for an unhealthy lifestyle outcome, (like excess food consumption, smoking, excessive booze, polishing off a quart of ice-cream, low exercise, and a generally sedentary lifestyle, and more lists, etc.), is it any wonder why there is a pill for everything, pricy ones too. Even our K-4 through 12 population is many times shepherded by societal pharmaceutical solutions to enable social promotion and normalized acceptable success narratives. EX: Hey, little John or Jane is wiggling too much, hmm, well dope’ em up and park’ em back down so the brainwashing can continue. (yep, that was a bit much but sometimes it’s acceptable by school admins)

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The other day I shared out your piece on COVID-19, it’s statistics, the effects and reactions worldwide, one person thought it was great, however, I experienced some major blowback from my close-in family folks. They challenged a lot of it, oh well. That's a story for another time.

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Regarding my first ‘doublewide’ comment atop this response, maybe if people would examine the unapparent need outside of the fresh food aisle as to why we have 4–5 sugar and 2–3 salt aisles respectively in most modern grocery stores, maybe this could give some people pause. I mean do people even digest/read the mandated labeling on the packaging?

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