Ranty response from a Kristi Keller story.

Tim Colby
3 min readApr 12, 2021
Not as neat as K.Keller’s pic, but will do for now.

Lucky you, since you are awarded my rant-o-the-day.

But first the Beignet link issue. To be sure, tasteful! :-) In chrome, linking to that link the 1st. time (& probably due to me not being a sub on NB) got the ‘block’/‘okay’ requestor plus the scroll locked up, I guess after most of the ads loaded? (okay, I’ve got track & ad blockers ongoing on chrome). So I figure haha, I’ll just switch over to my safari browser since I don’t load that up with any trackers/ad blockers, etc. But, after all the ads loaded there, the scroller stopped scrolling again, probably due to not being a sub on NB. Okay, I reloaded the page several times to finish that linked article. Fine & nice. Again tastefully done. :-)

Just brought all this up to remind writers on any platform that this kind of jockeying ongoing within our current internet behaviors and especially browser producer intentions, which many times happen to be owned by huge tech behemoths we are all familiar with. This is one more spanner in the works for patrons readers and writers. Also, so I’ve heard, Apple is going to add more ‘features’ to their privacy trope in safari that other big tech giants might not like because of illuminating cross-breeding of other party advert tracking presumably on other platforms, (FB). Let’s call it, invisible ad scrum.

About trying to care by huge tech concerns in the US, so many new features by any browser owner corporations is IMO mainly a huge PR dance for public consumption, as if they were in an Mz Universe contest hosted by the last A-hole in chief, #45, (oh yeah almost forgot, stop the steal bs) with zillions of crap eating smile speeches on why they care (substitute ‘your privacy’ for ‘world peace’) about our privacy. Well, all this is PR posturing, and also getting ready for this year’s round of the congressional hearings shit-show blab-o-sphere where these tech giants will be taken out to that congressional woodshed for some of America’s top-notch political theatre, gag!

Meanwhile, I’m saying that the direction of our country’s internet is looking more Balkanized as the big tech concerns try to f’k each other over with lots of announcements and public statements, blah blah. The upshot, IMO, is more spanners in the works for online shingles like writers trying to scrap a few bucks of supportive income together. It’s going to get harder to get noticed, considering the increasing friction among browsers. Publish once, and browser that anywhere? F’k that! aka Future Friction.

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Further, the troller wannabes online, say in Newsbreak, knowing that many jump right under the lowest bar imaginable, so, I really think there is a considerable churn of these folks as they think they are contributing something, (kind of like this rant), of value, and then if they are not the standard career troll a-holes move on. Hey, maybe that’s a big reason for anyone to get the f’k off Newsbreak, but yeh, it’s there online, side hustles need more opportunity inputs. So the troller responders are there too, why(?) I guess to be determined, however in sheer numbers, there is a crapload of eyeballs (which we know is an absolute application goal by most internet business concerns, including FB?) on the internet and there will always be some percentage of these idiots ongoing.



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