If the electorate decided a single payer medicare style system similar to many other western democracies was the order of the day this budget cost projection regarding the mandate would be out of the mass media discussion. No doubt single payer is expensive however who is receiving medical benefit would be much better defined. It’s my opinion the medical industrial complex destroyed this option by buying enough congress people back when ACA was being hatched, including midwestern Democrats where many insurance industries make their homes. So many issues disappear or become red herrings with universal single payer coverage.

Mass media Misinformation during the ACA debate, e.g. pull grannies plug, and more was rife. Just the kind of great media practices Jarvis now laments that serves various agendas and not necessarily factual reporting on the subject at issue.

Grad: Whats-a-mata-U Mayor: Foggybog, Wi. Awards: Medium response run-on-sentence-king, Medium response all-over-the-place trophy

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