Response to a J.W. 4–19–21 story: ‘The Old, Sensible Ways of Building Wealth Are Dead’

Can a designer credit economy work in the US?

I heard dogecoin made it to 32 recently if the avg. peep bought about 31.25K dogecoins (which probably the avg. peep doesn’t have $31.25K laying around) then yippee, that peep could be a dogecoin millionaire, from an ephemerally valued currency apparently originally created as a joke coin to play with. Hmm, if that’s what happened? There, you are a millionaire, you did it, or doged it. <rimshot>

So much recent financial angst. The first chart on the J.W. story kind of brings home the fear…

Not as neat as K.Keller’s pic, but will do for now.

Lucky you, since you are awarded my rant-o-the-day.

But first the Beignet link issue. To be sure, tasteful! :-) In chrome, linking to that link the 1st. time (& probably due to me not being a sub on NB) got the ‘block’/‘okay’ requestor plus the scroll locked up, I guess after most of the ads loaded? (okay, I’ve got track & ad blockers ongoing on chrome). So I figure haha, I’ll just switch over to my safari browser since I don’t load that up with any trackers/ad blockers, etc. But, after all the ads loaded there, the scroller stopped scrolling…

I haven't a clue how red-tape or bureaucracy works in the Euro-zone especially over the last year of C-19 changes, still ongoing. But it looks like your family was a casual victim of downstream collateral damage when dealing with businesses, especially online.

We are some old fogies over here in the states and my wife insists on paper statements whenever she/we can when dealing with business online. Those old-fashioned paper trails (or e-docs) can come in handy like yours did when the airline still didn't want to grant a refund. It's like who are these guys? Legit mobsters, maybe an…

Brought back a smallish blue-purple pea bush from Ashland Wi. about 35 yrs. ago. The older photo below is from way back in early June 2014. This perennial has popped up every year since. Close up near the bottom of this picture you might see the dreaded creeping ivy (among other names like ‘gill-over-the-ground’, etc.) How that ivy crept into our yard is a book, not for Medium eyes. I mean there should be a B-horror movie about this stuff.

I’m amazed how this plant keeps coming back every year.

First off, kudos being > gold surviving with ‘the boss’. I’m scratching the gold ceiling at 49 years, or as a Google anniversary list has it, 49th = Luxuries almost sounds better.

But back to the important stuff, “my superior Male Brain” and the ability to successfully mansplain all things manly. As you know the winning combo coexisting with ‘the boss’ is to use their main tactic against them which boils down to winning but win in such a way that they believe they are winning, this is the main arrow in ‘the bosses’ ordnance quiver.

Victory through ally (with…

Hope you don't live in California else the home state foodies will drop kick you all right across the state line.

I'm guessing V8 juice is also off the menu. Dang, hand slap to the forehead.

Well, just stick to fluffernutters, easy peasy. Wait, are whipped/pureed peanuts health food?

New millennium mobile cone of silence add on.

The EPA chief Scott Pruitt contracted a privacy tech company to provide a secure phone booth, much like Maxwell Smart’s cone of silence for a mere $24.5K. Brady Dennis reports in the Washington Post “Their main goal was they wanted essentially a secure phone booth that couldn’t be breached from a data point of view or from someone standing outside eavesdropping.” Administrator Pruitt could have moved his office to a cabin in the Appalachians but that was probably too far from the office coffee machine. This modern cone of silence will probably do the security trick and keep those pesky…

Tim Colby

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